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How To Choose The Best Soccer Shin Guards

In addition to boots, shin guards are some of the most important items to have as part of the complete soccer gear. These protective items are essential if you want to avoid injury on the field. Whether you are engaged in a professional team or you just play for recreation, safety should be at the core of your strategy when doing any kind of sports. There are many different types of shin guards that you can find in the market today. Depending on your age and sporting routine, you can be able to select the most appropriate product. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the best soccer shin guards.

Choose according to your age

There are basically two kinds of shin guards. You can find those that come with an ankle sleeve or those that are simply slip in. The ankle sleeve types are recommended for the younger players as they require more protection while on the field. The ankle sleeves help to protect the ankles and the shin protects the rest of the leg. More experienced players who are fit can do without ankle protection and simply go for the slip in types. In either case, other factors like the design of the shin guard can be considered for the best choice.

Size considerations

A lot of people have trouble choosing the right size when shopping for shin guards. There are many who assume that the bigger the shin guard is the more protection it will give. This is unfortunately not the case. A good shin guard should simply fit you properly. The right fit provides maximum protection as it attaches itself precisely on the leg and leaves no room for wobbles when playing. Choosing a shin guard that is too small can leave your shin vulnerable and choosing one that is too big can increase discomfort and also expose you to risks of injury.

The brand and quality considerations

It is also important to consider a good brand. Most soccer products in the market are made by particular companies. Generally, the brand is an indicator of the quality and reliability of a particular product. Some of the most remarkable brands usually give you enough choices to choose from and there is usually no shortage of variety. Choosing a reputable brand also gives you a peace of mind because you are assured of the products durability. The best shin guards in the market are those that are made by reputable sporting brands. Check more at https://www.r-gol.com/en/.

Other factors to consider

Finally, it is also important to consider other factors like your playing position, the cost of the product and accompanying accessories. Depending on your position, a shin guard with ankle protection might be necessary. Players like defenders who take a lot of hammering particularly need ankle protection. The forwards on the other hand require light shin guards that will allow them to move fast and make quick maneuvers. Other soccer accessories that might be necessary include tapes and stays. These are important for securing the shin guards firmly on the legs.

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